Tarajia Kenya Safaris is a renowned safari tour agency based in Kenya, specializing in creating extraordinary wildlife experiences for adventure enthusiasts from around the world. With a strong commitment to responsible tourism and a deep passion for showcasing the natural wonders of Kenya, we have earned a stellar reputation for providing exceptional safari experiences that combine comfort, adventure, and conservation.


Tarajia Kenya Safaris was founded in 2017 by Mr. Islam Ahmed, a visionary entrepreneur with extensive experience in the safari industry spanning 30 years. Mr. Ahmed’s love for the wild landscapes of Kenya and his desire to share its beauty with others inspired him to establish the company. His entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with a deep understanding of the tourism sector, has been instrumental in the agency’s success.


The day-to-day operations of Tarajia Kenya Safaris are overseen by Mr. Ahmed and his two sons, Shakir and Ahmad. Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and dedication to ensuring that each client’s safari experience exceeds expectations. Under their guidance, the company has flourished, earning recognition for its personalized service, attention to detail,

Mr. Ahmed on Safari in the 90's



Founder, Director

Mr. Islam. Speaks Swahili, French, English and Arabic.

Co-founder, Director

Shakeer Islam. Speaks Swahili, French, English and Spanish.

Operations Manager

Ahmed Islam. Speaks Swahili, English, Arabic and French.